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Vid Post: The River Flows In You (Fingersmith - Sue/Maud)

So. This thing happened where I made a vid. I kind of really hope other people don't think it's terrible.

Vid: "The River Flows In You"
Artist: Yiruma
Fandom: Fingersmith
Summary: Sue/Maud. It's sweet. It's fluffy. It's pretty girls falling in love.
Download: 60.2 MB - Sendspace
Streaming: Youtube

Vid will permanently be available at jarrow's website. Please use the sendspace link until it expires for tracking purposes and as a courtesy to those who provide him free webspace.

A big, huge, MONSTROUS thank-you goes out to jarrow who spent countless hours on Skype teaching me what to do, being a totally awesome beta (I know I told you I hated your face a lot during this process, but it was totally in a good 'my vid will be better if I just shut up and do as he says' kind of way!), giving me a permanent place to put my vid, and for all the other cheerleading, both vid related and non-vid related, over the last couple of months. You're totally my hero.
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